Golden Ratio Have you ever wondered why some people, objects, or natural elements are more beautiful than others? A mathematical ratio, called the golden ratio, can offer a scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

Regarding beauty standards, people have been trying for centuries to define what makes someone more attractive. The golden ratio has remained used for centuries for art, nature, and human beings.

We’ve got details on the golden ratio of beauty, how it works, and why celebrities like Beyonce and Bella Hadid measure almost perfectly.

What is the Golden Ratio?

What is the Golden Ratio_

The name gold dates back to the European Rebirth when artists and architects used an equation that called for the name gold. This equation helped them plan their masterpieces and figure out how to define specific features.

A few thousand years later, scientists began using this formula to explain why some people are measured beautiful and others are not. Several measurements also use to make this determination.

First, the length and size of the face are measured. Once done, the size does divide by the width. The ideal result remain considered the name of the one that should be equal to 1.6. means that a beautiful person’s face is about 1.5 times longer than wide.

Three parts of the face are also measured, from the forehead’s hairline to the area between the eyes, Space eyes, nose, and the bottom of the chin. When these measurements also take, a person does consider more beautiful if the names are equal.

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How do Celebrities Measure up – Golden Ratio?

Several current celebrities, whom we admire for their physical attractiveness, have come pretty close to perfection regarding the golden ratio. There have even been rankings of how current superstars would rate if compared to each other based on how close their facial proportions are. Therefore, align with the golden ratio.

Modern celebrities have also measured how well their facial proportions compare to the golden ratio. Unsurprisingly, the results are pretty close to a perfect match.

In the ranking, 23-year-old model Bella Hadid takes first place, measuring 94.35% of the proportions of the golden ratio. Modern musician Beyonce came in second with a perfect facial ratio of 92.44%, and actress Amber Heard follows the pop diva in third place. Her face measures 91.85% in terms of perfect proportions. Finally, pop star Ariana Grande is in fourth place with a look of 91.81%.

Before heading to the plastic surgeon’s office, take all this with a grain of salt. Beauty may reflect more than just the conformity of a person’s features to any standard.

Personality, style, talent, and daily habits all contribute to a person’s overall effect. Also, some people are famous for beauty because of a feature that does not conform to any known standard. So while the golden rule can explain a lot about someone’s calling, it can’t explain everything.


The golden ratio into used to find the measure of objective beauty. The golden ratio, called the beauty ratio, is a mathematical ratio of 1 to 1.618. Commonly referred to in its use in art, the proportion does believe in revealing the ideal proportions of the human face.

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