Magnetic eyeliner works in tandem with magnetic eyelashes to keep them in place. These liners come in a liquid form that is typically deemed safe. The trick is to replace the product every three months, like a regular liner, to prevent germs from growing in the bottle.

Relatively new compared to versions with eyelash glue and liquid eyeliner or traditional pencil, magnetic eye cosmetics are still carefully safe by the companies that market these products.

But while it’s true that attractive lashes and eyeliner appear to have few side effects, that doesn’t mean they’re entirely risk-free, mainly if you misuse them.

Here’s what you want to know about attractive eyeliner and lashes and how to use them safely. Before using these products, talk to a doctor if you have any preexisting eye situations.

Is Magnetic eyeliner Harmless For Your Eyes And Face?

Magnetic eyeliner will design to complement magnetic lashes, helping them stay in place. In addition, these coatings come in a liquid form that is generally considered safe.

The key is to ensure, as with traditional coating, that you replace the product every three months to prevent bacteria from growing in the bottle.

·         Possible Side Effects

Magnetic eyeliner will market as safe, but there is still a risk of side effects. It’s essential to apply the liner to the lash line so the product doesn’t get into your eyes or block the oil glands in your eyelid.

Please do not use it while in a moving vehicle lest you accidentally poke your eye.

While not well documented in clinical studies, it is also possible to develop an allergic reaction to any cosmetic or an infection if you touch your eyes with dirty hands during the application or removal process. Discontinue use if skin annoyance or rash develops.

Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe?

Is Magnetic Eyeliner Safe

Attractive eyelashes are considered safer than other types of false eyelashes that use potentially harmful glues. However, any product you use around your eyes could likely be detrimental. The risk may be greater if you misuse the product or have sensitive skin and eyes.

·         Potential Side Effects

As with magnetic coating, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to magnetic lashes. You should not use your eyelashes if you have any irritation or infection in the eye area.

When misused, the magnets in these products can tear your natural eyelashes and damage your hair follicles. Be sure to peel off the attractions slowly during removal and read all the manufacturer’s instructions before using them.

If you have an MRI, be sure not to wear magnetic eyelashes on the day of your appointment. A recent study showed that these products could detach from your eyes and become moving projectiles.

It is also possible for ill-fitting magnetic lashes to slide away from the lash line and brush your eyes. It can cause damage to the cornea.

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Magnetic Eyeliner Ingredients

Magnetic lashes contain tiny magnets that will design to stick together without the hassle of glue that will traditionally use on other types of false eyelashes. Some eyelashes include synthetic hair, while others have animal or human hair.

Although rare, iron oxide can cause allergies. You may be responsive to iron oxide if you have a history of eczema or contact dermatitis.

Consider doing a magnetic eyeliner patch test on your arm a few days before testing it on your eyes to make sure you are not allergic. Then, place a small amount inside your elbow and wait 24 to 48 hours. If you react, discontinue use.

How to use Magnetic Eyeliner

Use eyeliner and magnetic eyeliner only on clean, dry skin. In addition, it would help to wash your hands before moving the eye area to help prevent infection. To use, follow the manufacturer’s orders as well as these general steps:

Once your magnetic lashes and eyeliner are in place, they will stay in place all day until you want to take them away. They are also waterproof. Some brands offer different eyeliner colors so that you can mix up the overall look of your lashes.

Like all other cosmetics, never share eyelashes and magnetic eyeliner with others.

How To Remove Magnetic Eyeliner

Should remove magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner at the end of the day before bed. Follow these steps for safe removal:

  • Gently peel each side of your lashes from each other, similar to removing two magnets stuck together.
  • Then take a cotton swab or cotton ball with eye makeup remover and gently wipe over your eyes to remove liquid magnetic eyeliner and other cosmetics.
  • Clean the magnetic lashes after each use to prevent bacteria growth. You can use rubbing alcohol or essential soap and water.
  • Let your magnetic lashes air dry thoroughly, then store them in an airtight container between uses.
  • Where to get eyeliner and eyelash magnetic material
  • A variety of different products are available at beauty stores. Some company sells magnetic lashes and eyeliner together as kits.
  • When shopping for these items, you’ll notice different prices based on the ingredients – be sure to read all creation labels carefully if you have allergies.
  • Buy magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes online.


In general, magnetic eyeliner and eyeliners are considered safe for most people, especially when compared to false eyelashes that require glue. The magnetic version also tends to be easier to use to save time on your beauty routine.

Still, even magnetic coatings and eyelashes aren’t entirely risk-free. It would help if you always were extra careful when using cosmetics around the eye. Call a doctor if you expand signs of an allergic reaction or infection after using these products.

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