Marathon heart health training can improve wellness. A study shows Shots – Health News More reasons to run: A new study shows that novice runners participating in a marathon significantly improve their heart health.

How Marathon Heart Health Impacts your Body?

How Marathon Heart Health Impacts your Body_

Running is an excellent option if you want to save your heart healthily. Regular moderate to vigorous aerobic activity gets your heart pumping, increasing your longevity and a long-term capacity. In addition, it is a sure way to keep your heart healthy in your old age.

One of the aerobic actions that many experts have leaned towards for a long time is running. “The assistance is overwhelmingly positive in the vast popularity of people who run,” says Raúl Mitrani, M.D., a cardiologist at the University of Miami Health System. “It lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, advances metabolism, delays diabetes, helps weight loss, and prolongs life. If you could take all the profits of running and put them in a pill, it would be a bestseller.

Is my Heart Health fit for a Marathon? – Marathon Heart Health

Everything is possible! But how do you know your heart can handle so much stress? How do you know your heart can take the training for such a race? Research shows that long-distance running increases the risk of a heart attack. About half of coronary heart disease cases are due to genetics. The other half are lifestyle or environmental-related. So while running is an excellent addition to a healthy lifestyle in the long term, it can quickly expose you to unknown risks.

As a Runner, Should I get my Heart Health Checked? Marathon Heart Health

Running makes us healthier and stronger over time. Likewise, running also have some risks. For example, when you run a marathon your heart beat doubles from 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 57,000.  That’s why some races have recommended getting a medical check-up or ECG before participating. So, you should get your heart health checked.

Here is a list of crucial factors that indicate you are at increased risk:

  • You recently started running
  • You are about to participate in a run or long-distance race,
  • such as a rapid heartbeat, Marathon Heart Health
  • shortness of breath,
  • having high blood pressure

Checking your Marathon Heart Health

Checking your marathon heart health If you’re at risk for a heart attack, which could be caused by running, your heart is probably already showing signs, even if you don’t see them yet. Simple tests can remain performed to check your heart health, giving you peace of mind that your heart is in good shape for your next run. An ECG is a test that can detect underlying heart weaknesses and assess your heart’s overall health to ensure Run or Run Ready!

What is an ECG?

The ECG examines your heart’s rate and electrical activity to check for heart problems. Sensors attached to the skin points outs electrical signals the heart produces each time it beats. These signals can identify several heart problems or defects.

An ECG can help detect the following:

  • coronary heart disease – In this disease, the supply to heart is blocked because of fatty substance blocking the walls of heart.
  • cardiomyopathy – In this heart walls become large.


Marathon heart health can increase your risk of cardiac arrest sss in the short term. Still, according to science, statistics, and sports cardiologists, it also reduces the overall likelihood that you will experience cardiac arrest or other heart problems.

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