Although a perfectly glossy lip is a face trend we love, there’s a reason liquid lipstick prep your lips remains a tried-and-true creation in so many of our face kits. With their highly pigmented formulas and long wear, the top liquid lipsticks can take you from morning tan to drinks after work.

This week on The Arch, we cover how to Prep your lips for gooey lipstick so that you can show off your best lips. If you’ve ever needed to know how to perfect your fluid lipstick look, consider this your go-to guide, with tips on how to get the maximum out of lip scrubs, lip brushes, and our best lipstick formula.

How do you Make Prep your Lips Look Smooth?

How do you Make Prep your Lips Look Smooth_

When wearing liquid lipstick, smooth lips are essential. Otherwise, the formula can cling to dry patches, which is less than flattering. Hence your first step in preparing your lips: use a lip scrub. Exfoliating before applying liquid lipstick or any other lip product is key to smoothing lips. It will remove dead skin cells that can lead to uneven lipstick application.

Prep your lips. Sample lip scrub routine:

  • Apply a little lip scrub to dry lips with your fingertips.
  • Massage the scrub into your lips in circular motions.
  • Once the exfoliation is complete, cleanse your lips to reveal a smooth, soft surface ready for your lip products.

Prep Your Lips for Before Applying Liquid Lipstick?

Before applying liquid lipstick and after exfoliation, it is advisable to use a moisturizing lip balm. In addition, since liquid lipstick formulas are often long-wearing, you’ll want to confirm your lips stay hydrated through the day and night.

You can use ABH Lip Reader as a moisturizing lip conditioner and prep lips for color application. This lightweight, colorless formula hydrates and smooths lips, creating a hydrating picture for lip pigment to cling. The smooth wax formulation also prevents fading and discoloration on the lips.

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Prep Your Lips Liquid Lipstick Mistakes of Avoid

As with any makeup product, common mistakes can affect how long the formula lasts. Avoid the following four blunders to get the most out of your liquid lipstick look.

  1. 1. Overapplication
  • When applying liquid lipstick, it is essential not to use too many layers.
  • Liquid lipsticks have highly pigmented formulations that color your lips in a single, light coat. However, over-application can cause the procedure to clump, cake, or pill on the lips.
  • Although a little goes a long way, if you want an extremely opaque surface, allow the first coat to dry completely and then apply a second coat in one go.
  1. 2. Reapply Prep Your Lips
  • During the day, you may be temp to reapply your color like other lip products.
  • However, reapplying liquid lipstick can distort the application and make lips look uneven.

Rub Your Lips

  • Although it may be tempting, avoid rubbing your lips during the day.
  • Friction can cause your liquid lipstick formula to shift, transfer, or fade.

Excess Product

  • Too much liquid lipstick in your applicator can make it challenging to achieve a precise and smooth application.
  • Wipe excess product from the applicator wand to the edge of the tube before applying. It provides more control when an app

Can You Prep your Lips and put Lip Balm Over Liquid Lipstick?

Aside from the mistakes we just mentioned, you might do empty to apply lip balm over your liquid lipstick throughout the day but don’t. It may affect the duration of the formula—instead, Prep your lips for liquid lipstick by applying a moisturizing balm before tinting them.

If you are looking for glossy lips, you can layer lip gloss over your liquid lipstick for a super shiny look that will last longer.


Remember to be very gentle, as the skin Prep Your lips are thin and delicate. You can also use readily available lip scrubs in the market. Rubbing is not only good for your skin and body, but it’s also crucial for your lips.

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