Intraduction of Clean Makeup Sponges

We explain how to clean makeup sponges, a simple task that you can do regularly so that your face stays away from bacteria. In addition to being one of our favorite allies in makeup, makeup sponges are a product that can be contaminated with bacteria very quickly. That is why it is very convenient to wash and dry them after each use.

How To Clean Makeup Sponges

Cleaning makeup sponges is not a complicated task but will do regularly to prevent bacteria from penetrating the skin after use. If you notice that your sponge has taken on a lot of color and smell, it’s time to wash them.

We Show You Three Simple Techniques To Clean Makeup Sponges



With Liquid Soap

In a bowl with cold water, add a few drops of soap; you can use the same one for your face or a shower gel and submerge the makeup sponge. Gently squeeze and compress, working with the soap suds.

I am squeezing releases the air inside the sponge, allowing the soap to enter and clean the entire surface. Then, rinse with plenty of cold water and remove excess water with a clean towel. Finally, leave the makeup sponge in a ventilated place until it dries.And also search Best Rosehip Oil 

With Bar Soap

Antibacterial bar soap is most useful when your makeup sponge has a big stain or for your brushes. Gently rub it against the soap bar with the damp sponge, then work into the foam just like you would with liquid soap.

Finally, rinse with cold water, dry with a clean towel, and leave the sponge in a ventilated place to dry.

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The Microwave Trick

It has become a classic, but you have to be careful when applying it.

In a microwave-safe container, pour a little water and a splash of soap. Submerge your sponges and gently squeeze them under the water to soak up the soap. Then, put the container in the microwave and program it for one minute.

When you remove the container, you will notice that the water will stain the remains of makeup from your sponges. In the next step, be very careful! The water will be hot by applying heat, and so will the sponges. Wait a bit before rinsing your beauty blenders with plenty of cold water. And also search Magnetic eyeliner

How Must The Makeup Sponges  Clean

Ideally, it would help to clean your makeup sponge after each use. If you can’t, try to clean them every two or three services.

In any case, the cleaning of the sponges depends on their use. If you use them every day, it will be enough to clean them three times a week. On the other hand, if you only use it sporadically, try to wash it after each use.

To Make Makeup Sponges Last Longer

To avoid fractures, tears, or breaks, always squeeze it gently when rinsing the sponge, avoiding twisting or pinching it. On the other hand, sponges do not last forever, and if they use regularly, we recommend changing them every three months.

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