Conversion marketing is “…the act of marketing to increase conversions…” Understanding the difference between conversion marketing and conversion optimization is essential. “conversion rate optimization” falls under the general and often misunderstood framework of “conversion marketing.”

Why is Conversion Marketing Important?

Why is Conversion Marketing Important_

Conversion marketing is digital marketing IS, and conversion optimization is at the forefront. Certain types of websites will be exceptions to this rule, and I can define these sites into two categories:

  • Content Generators – news sites, journals, forums (Some use cases apply)
  • Content Aggregators – social sites; EG – Reddit, Twitter, Facebook

What are you focusing on if your site doesn’t fall into either of these two categories and your digital marketing strategy isn’t focused on conversions? Because?

Some salespeople and business owners may have felt a shiver of understanding down their spine.

How to Effectively Design Conversion Marketing Strategies?

Define Various Stages of Your Conversion Funnel

As mentioned above, conversion is broadly defined and includes various actions to take on the website that ultimately convert your prospects into paying customers.

These measurable steps or actions you want your customers to take are crucial points in your conversion marketing funnel. Not all businesses need the same touchpoint in their marketing funnel. For example, a B2B SaaS company would draw the following diagram:

  • Visit the website/visit a particular landing page
  • Fill out a form and upload content
  • Schedule a demo
  • Start a free trial
  • Subscribe to a package
  • Renew your plan

And for a B2C eCommerce store, this may mean:

  • Visit the website
  • Visit the product page
  • Add to Cart
  • Sign up for the first purchase
  • Make a repeat purchase

Define Various KPIs as Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

Once you’ve outlined the different stages, you should associate key metrics with each. But first, it is necessary to measure the performance of each step of your funnel.

For example, you need to track your web landing page traffic if you are trying to increase your leads. If you have enough traffic, but visitors are still not signing up for the form, you should experiment with different landing page formats. A/B testing is an excessive way to test different landing page variations and see which resonates most with your audience.

Tracking these KPIs will help you improve your conversion rate optimization strategy further. Run regular tests, make necessary changes, and see if performance improves. Remember to include relevant CTAs to persuade visitors or potential customers to take the desired action.


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