Crow’s Feet: Our appearance tells a lot about us, and because this area is delicate, it must be cared about. So, if you smile a lot or not, you might have crow’s feet.

Have I written today’s post to assist you in knowing more about crow’s feet on the face, and are you curious to learn more? So, come along with me just now.

What Are The Causes Of Crow’s Feet Eyes

  • The Eye Contour, A Sensitive And Highly Stressed Area

It is essential to remember that the skin around the eyes is fragile, 4 to 5 times thinner than the epidermis on the rest of the face.

It is also a much more requested region because of the different movements of their facial features, such as vibrant eyelashes and smiles.

The successive and repeated contractions and relaxations of the muscles in this region during the day are not responsible for the formation of the crow’s feet.

Therefore, the skin has difficulty regenerating, becomes less resistant to deformation, and has marks.

  • Due To Poor Hydration

Be careful, however, not to confuse what we usually think of as wrinkles and which are what we might call signs of dehydration. When the skin is dry and lacks water, the epidermis around the eyes tends to crease and crease.

This mark is superficial and fades a few days after applying moisturizing day cream or contour care, which is rich in hyaluronic acid.

  • The Lifestyle

It is essential to prefer a healthy lifestyle, drinking unbearable water. Which allows the skin tissue to regenerate. Food moreover plays a key role: vegetables and fruits, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, protect the skin from these aggressions.

The Sun Accelerates, The Appearance Of Wrinkles Prolonged exposure to the sun can moreover have dire consequences for the skin. Ultraviolet rays deteriorate the effect of collagen and elastin fibers and slide skin aging.

So don’t forget to apply sun protection systematically, without reaching the eye area.

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  • Crow’s Feet Eyes – Aloe Vera

Crow's Feet Eyes - Aloe Vera

  • Avocado

In terms of aesthetics, avocado has many advantages and dramatically improves the texture and appearance of the skin, thanks, among other things, to its vitamin E content.

Avocado is beneficial for in-home treatment of the face. For example, you can prepare a natural mask for eye wrinkles simply.

Just make a paste that will consist of ½ ripe avocado and some lemon juice or water. When mixing, apply on the face and leave for a few minutes.

  • Carrot

One of the home remedies for crow’s feet on the face is to prepare a natural carrot mask and do it by beating or mixing the carrot. Then apply around the eyes.

  • Cucumber

Well known in beauty care and the preparation of creams for the eye area, cucumber juice helps us fight wrinkles under the eyes and provides many vitamins. It  also helps against dark circles and reduces puffiness around the eyes.

  • Crow’s Feet – Olive Oil

In short, it is one of the remedies to remove eye wrinkles and can also be used to make natural eye area creams. In addition, it is very nutritious and can be used directly in the region. Applying a few drops with a gentle massage around the eyes is recommended.

The ideal is to leave the oil at ease throughout the night.

  • Crow’s Feet – Green Tea

Brewing green tea and massaging it into the eye area is also suitable for removing eye wrinkles naturally. But, again, the key is to be consistent.

  • Massage With Essential Oils

Using essential oils in massage for wrinkles is highly recommended and one of the recommended crow’s feet removal remedies.

The most recommended oils for eye wrinkles are coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil.

Again, the key is to be consistent in your processing to get results.

Conclusion -Crow’s Feet

The serum is a cosmetic with a high concentration of actives that deeply treats a specific skin problem. We, at Evi, created a Serum strictly for the eye area; in addition to helping a lot in the treatment of crow’s feet, it also helps with bags and dark circles. A complete solution for you.

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