Organic Beauty Brands in India

Organic Beauty Brands in India

Organic Beauty Brands India has been influenced by Westernized trends for a long time, especially in Beauty. But there’s something about words like “Multani mitti is an Organic Beauty that gets our mood juices flowing. There is so much to love about our local communities, and with local brands stepping ever closer to skincare and makeup, we have many organic beauty options right here at home that is worth seeking.

Furthermore, these brands do formulas keeping our native ingredients front and center, clearly best suited for Indian skin tone, complexion, and features. There’s been an influx of products entering the beauty space over the last decade, and to make it easier for you, here’s our slope of the top 10 local organic beauty brands to have on your to-do list. Try.

SoulTree – Organic Beauty

There’s a lot more to love about this kind than its packaging. Ethically sourced ingredients are found in SoulTree’s bestsellers and throughout its catalog. Donating a range of organic body care, makeup, skincare, and hair care products, SoulTree incorporates Ayurvedic practices and learnings into its products. If you ask us, we recommend trying SoulTree BB Cream. Forest Essentials Organic Beauty

Tried and loved by many, most Forest Essentials products (especially their creams, serums, and scrubs) are developed with Ayurvedic roots. Its all-natural and organic ingredients module sells consumers an experience, not just a product. In addition to their skin-friendly formulations, Teenage Night & Day Creams give skin a much-needed boost.

 Tribal Concepts

From the Indian forests, this brand has increased references in skincare, hair, body, and bath. The products are organic, locally sourced, vegan, and promote zero waste. If it’s a new brand, you can opt for their collagen-boosting mask, which leaves the skin soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

 Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO Life)

Advocates of a sustainable supply chain, BOHECO Life offers a range of organic skin and body products. By utilizing the skin-beneficial properties of cannabis in its skin and body ranges, the brand has received rave reviews, particularly for its CBD-infused oil, as people are now more eager to try the ingredient for its benefits.

Organic Beauty Kama Ayurveda

One of the first brands to enter the mainstream market with Ayurveda as its strong point, Kama Ayurveda takes a goal-oriented approach to all of its products, providing solutions to various skin issues. From hair care to skin, body, and natural body fragrances,

Pahadi Local

With recipes and ingredients sourced from the Himalayas, this organic beauty brand is true to our Indian roots. From ethically sourced ingredients to sustainable packaging, these organic products are highly effective. For example, their Kishtwar Saffron Mountain Mist is a clear, one-way hydration for dry, dehydrated skin.

Neem Naturals Organic Beauty

With a plethora of vegan skincare products that improve texture, shine and glow, Neemli naturals have added another viral product to its hydration line. Enriched with anti-inflammatory witch hazel and soothing aloe vera extract, Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic & Vitamin C Serum works on both oil and dry skin. Helping you fight pollution and lock in moisture, giving your skin a smooth, dewy finish. With a perfect blend of effective ingredients and targeting almost all skin concerns, this serum also works perfectly as a velvety makeup base, visibly smoothing and brightening your skin. i


Organic Beauty every product purchased, they plant a tree on behalf of their customer. Not to mention that their products, mainly the bath and body range, have a scent reminiscent of Indian heritage. Focused on delivering nature’s goodness in every product, Ras Luxury Oils is an organic brand that means “essence” in Sanskrit. So although “oils” are part of their name, their product catalog includes more than that.

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