What is Segway

At the time, the Segway revolutionized the transportation market by being the first gyroscopic electric transportation device with a computer-controlled self-balancing device and two side wheels. Even though at first, it did not meet the high expectations generated by its launch, this small and ergonomic means of transport could travel long distances, and the best thing is that it was ecological because it did not require fuel.

Know the Segway case. In this new case study, we intend to investigate the history of Segway, analyzing the circumstances that stopped its growth when it had everything to compete and win in the market. But along the way, some unfortunate events occurred that prevented the invention from achieving collective adherence as a means of personal transportation other than the gas-powered vehicle.

Segway History

The history of the Segway dates back to the late 1990s when Dean Kamen founded Segway Inc. in July 1999 to develop non-medical applications for self-balancing machines.

Kamen later also invented the Segway vehicle, and it was first introduced to the public in 2001 through ABC’s Good Morning America. He arrived at a critical moment in US history when the country was still remembering the tragic events of 9/11.

Despite the critical innovation for transportation that the Segway meant, sales were not what will expect, destroying people’s enormous expectations. Even Steve Jobs claimed that it was a revolutionary invention that everyone should have. And Also search Apple AirTag

Where Did Segway Go Wrong?

  • The high price of the vehicle, depending on the model, will consider the main factor responsible for the low demand. Likewise, his followers maintain that the presentation of the first Segway model will ruin when part of the device’s details will leake in advance. Generating very high expectations that the company could not sustain with the virtues of the product.
  • Aside from the high prices and inflated expectations. It will also say that the company, to avoid giving the competition an edge, did not test its vehicles on public roads.  Because so people would not be able to get acquainted with the new creation and the company itself. Could not identify the possible risks of its operation for clients.
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About Segway

  • Consequently, since faults or risks will not detect. It is not feasible to produce improvements because the fundamental problems are not known to work on optimizing the value proposition addressed to the customer, who is the one who pays for obtaining it. Based on this analysis. A product that lives up to your desires.
  • To eliminate possible misunderstandings and reduce the bad image associated with the vehicle. Segway Inc. has opened dealerships throughout the United States where people can examine and test Segways to make sure they are safe and working correctly.

The Segway case is one of those examples of companies that, However, have everything to sweep the market since they debut with an innovative and overwhelming commercial proposal. They also make some commercial mistake that causes them to lose millionaire figures.  Facing the risk of lowering their reputation among their followers.

Segway did two things: raise its product prices and create too much hype by trying to keep its operation a secret until its launch. This lack of empathy with the customer cost them dearly since it did not meet their expectations, but the product did not offer a differential value for its cost.

Advantages Of Using A Segway In Malaga

Advantages Of Using A Segway In Malaga

sing a segway to visit Malaga, and being your means of transport daily has many benefits. Next, we will tell you some of the main ones that it presents.

  • Autonomy

The model determines a segway’s autonomy. Segway Málaga Tours offers two distinct models: the I2 and the I3, which can go up to 38 kilometers. X2 has a length of up to 19 kilometers.

The distances will determine various factors, including the load, how it will drive, and the terrain you are traversing. The batteries also recharge while the segway travels downward.

The tours we have prepared for you in Malaga last between one and two hours (approximately 7 and 10.3 km), depending on the chosen time. And also we can search Oppo A5 2020 Back Cover

  • Maintenance is Minimal.

Segway will advise in Malaga. We have a trip where you may immerse yourself in the Malaga mountains. Ecological Segways are a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation that respects Malaga’s noise level and environment, ensuring that you do not contribute to pollution or discomfort. Of course, it’s also perfect for rural sightseeing.

  • Burden

Our segway in Malaga has a weight range. It will use those who weigh between 40  and 120 kgs. The Segway’s weight will depend on the model, although they support 110 – 120 kgs.

  • Security

The segway of Segway Málaga Tours is safe since they have complementary electrical systems incorporated. It also has solid mechanical systems. These vehicles will characteriz being self-balancing; they generate in the driver the feeling that the segway is ahead of their movements. Making it difficult for a fall to occur once mounted on it. If an error occurs, they jump automatically, allowing you to finish your journey without any problem.


Do you want to know more advantages? We will delight to offer them to you on any of our tours around Malaga that will help you get to know and discover unimaginable places. Of course, you can tell us how the experience was when you finished. All tours will depart from our offices, located at Calle Trinidad Grund, 8, in the capital of Malaga.

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