The Apple AirTag is available on Amazon for the historically low price of 30.29 euros with fast and free shipping. So to keep your suitcase under control this vacation, keep an eye on your scooter, and avoid leaving your keys at home…there are many reasons to get a Bluetooth locator, and even more so if you can find one this cheap:

The recommended retail price for the AirTag is 35 euros; however, it is currently available on Amazon for 30.29 euros, which is the lowest price ever, and it will  deliver tomorrow if ordered today. It’s also available at FNAC for the same price, but shipping is exclusively accessible for members.

The Apple AirTag has a small and sturdy design that is also water resistant (IP67 certification), making it suitable for attaching to a keychain. In addition, it’s power a button battery that can last for up to a year.

When we tested the AirTag, we emphasized the all-around experience it provides with ecosystem products, including the ability to track objects in a radius of up to 120 meters, a far greater range than is typical for this type of device thanks to the fact that it includes NFC and the Apple U1 (UWB) chip in addition to Bluetooth LE.

More Options

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Apple Airtag Best Cheap Alternatives Find On Amazon

A few weeks ago, Apple announced the launch of the Apple AirTag, an accessory that allows you to know where your things are easy. You can attach it to the objects you want and have them located using the Find app. Yes, just the same application you use to know where your friends and your Apple AirTag devices are.

With it and Siri, you can also signal the accessory to make a sound to carry out its acoustic location.

You can use the Precision Search function when the airbag is nearby through your Cupertino smartphone, which tells you the exact distance and position.

The airbag is for 35 euros, a considerably higher price than other similar alternatives. And is that before the arrival of this product, other ‘tags’ were already sold to locate the keys, the mobile, the umbrella, the wallet, etc.

If you want an accessory that allows you to find your objects easily but you do not want to spend so much, these are other cheap options that you can find on Amazon.

Tile Mate

This Bluetooth-enabled object finder has a search radius of up to 60 meters. It’s super easy to use, and with the Tile app, you can make the Tile Mate ‘sing’ for you to find. If it is outside the Bluetooth radius, the app will also help you to know its position

JTD Receivers

This proposal works in proximity through radio frequency, but the good thing is that you don’t need an app to use it. It consists of 1 transmitter and four receivers and ranges up to 30 meters.

You have to look for the corresponding button to locate the tag of the color you want. Then, a beep and flashes will notify you of its location acoustically and luminously. Using this chromatic code, you will be able to classify objects that you use frequently.

The transmitter also has a built-in flashlight. This and the fact that it does not need to will use with a smartphone make it ideal for the elderly and people with memory problems or dementia.

The best thing about the product is its price. And it is that for less than 18 euros you can get four accessories, so each one comes out for about 4.5 euros.

Chipolo One

Simple but effective design locator for tracking everyday objects. It also works with an app for iOS and Android. With it, you can see its location on the map. In addition, it emits a sound of 120 dB so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Nut by Nutale

With the Nut, you can search for what you want within a radius of 10 to 20 meters indoors and 30 to 50 meters in open spaces. With just one touch, you can make your things sound. When the objects to which it is attached are out of range of the Bluetooth connection, the tag will emit an audible alert. Through the Nut App application, you can access a real-time map and check its last location.