You are not the only one if you think toners and astringents are the same; many women have thought so. And the fact is that the variety of skin products is endless, and since each skin is different, we must well inform ourselves to make the most of all the benefits that cosmetics provide when using specific products. So, don’t fret; we are now to help you and clear up all your doubts about the differences between Toners and astringent.

What Is A Toners?

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, Toners, when referring to the cosmetic branch, are slightly astringent lotions whose primary function in the skin is to clean and refresh it. Facial toners in a skincare routine come after face washing, so they are not a substitute for products whose primary function is to cleanse. Instead, they’re made with salicylic acid, witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, natural ingredients like rose water, aloe vera, calendula, and essential oils, and are often free of harsh chemicals and alcohol.

What Is An Astringents?

Its properties are generally antiseptic. They help cleanse and remove bacteria from the skin’s surface and decongest the pores. Almost all of them contain alcohol, which serves to mattify oily skin. An astringent toner will work well for oily areas if you have combination skin but can dry out dry regions. Keep this in mind and choose not to use it every day or apply it only to problem areas. It may be good to lay it all over your face if you have oily skin. It’s a matter of testing and seeing how your face reacts.

What Are Toners And Astringents?

Toners and astringents are products with similar functions, but they are not the same products. Toners are ideal facials to treat normal, dry, and sensitive skin. In addition, toners And astringents are suitable facials to eliminate the sebum frequently secreted by oily and combination skin. Depending on your skin kind, you should use one or the other.

In addition, both toners and toners and astringents are the second steps in the daily beauty facial routine after cleansing.

Remember that toners will apply to a classic combination and sensitive skin and rarely contain chemicals or alcohol. On the other hand, toners and astringents are antiseptics and balancers of skin fat that greatly benefit oily skin, preventing pimples and pimples.

Both products will apply after facial cleansing. Clarified some doubts about toners and astringents; let’s know several differences between them.

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Differences Between Toners And Astringents

Facial toners generally do not contain alcohol; they are ideal for use in the daily beauty routine of normal, dry, and delicate skin.

  • Facial toners serve to balance the pH of the face and soften normal, dry, and sensitive skin.
  • Astringents are essential to preserving the purity and toning of combination and oily skin.
  • Should not use  Astringents on dry, normal, or sensitive skin because they could irritate it.

Benefits Of Using Toners And Astringents

Toners restore the pH of the dermis, soothe sensitive skin, and provide freshness and vitality to dry or normal skin. They even help close the pores and stimulate the circulation and cellular oxygenation of the face. In addition, they complement the facial cleansing step because they eliminate impurities accumulated on the front, including makeup.

On the other hand, astringents are vital for your skin if your skin has excess shine, very open pores, pimples, and pimples. Astringent toners cleanse your face, provide freshness, and stop excessive sebum generation.

How To Use Each Product Of  Toners And Astringents

After cleaning your face twice a day with cleansing milk if your skin is normal, mixed, dry, or sensitive, or with a gel or soap if your skin is oily, rinse with plenty of water and gently pat your face dry. Immediately it is time to apply the facial toner for normal, dry, or sensitive complexions on your face. Or the astringent toner if your skin is mixed or oily.


Toners And Astringents:I can use both the toners r and the astringents  twice a day. Use it when you get up to remove impurities and dead cells generated during the night by the skin renewal process. And use it before bed to deeply remove dirt, pollutants, and pollution that your face absorbs during daily activities.

Can apply toners and astringents with a makeup remover pad or cotton ball. They try to gently but firmly cover the entire face area to remove the dirt daily. Do not apply toner or astringent in the eye contour area.

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