Top Live Streaming Platform

A streaming platform that allows you to stream your gameplay to the masses. So starting video game streaming is no big deal if you use any available online streaming platform. These networks function similarly to Facebook or YouTube’s live streaming systems. You may also use YouTube or Facebook to broadcast your gaming. There will  also specializ platforms that provide voice transmission, picture-in-picture viewing, and other features.

What Are The Requirements For a Live Streaming Platform?

You may think that live streaming the game is a simple process and just for fun. However, some of the game systems of influential players may surprise you. They have advanced gaming computers, ultra-fast internet, accessories, streaming tools, webcams, and microphones.

However, the most important thing is the live streaming platform to stream your content. Find below a list of basics to start your career in the game streaming platform business:

  • Gaming Monitors

Gaming monitors are essential when you start gaming professionally. In addition to showing off your taste and knack for the latest gadgets, these monitors help you with a bigger screen and better images than ordinary VGA monitors.

  • Gaming Keyboards

Conventional keyboards are not enough for high-performance gaming. Because a millisecond delay on a particular keystroke could make or break your position on the leaderboard. Therefore, you need gaming keyboards made for heavy use.

  • Gaming Chairs

Most live game streaming sessions will stretch for hours. Therefore, you need ergonomic seats to avoid fatigue or loss of concentration from the game. In addition to sitting comfort, gaming chairs enhance your appearance in live streaming sessions and make you look professional.

How Can You Make Money Live Streaming Platform?

Choosing the right live streaming platform is essential as the steaming platform will decide your capabilities to earn money by streaming the game. Although each forum has its way of supporting content creators, the following are the general ways to make money:

  • Viewer Subscriptions

Subscription is a popular revenue model for game streamers. Unfortunately, the amount of subscriptions per viewer per month is significantly lower. However, if you can build a large subscriber base, you can guarantee a steady monthly income with a lot of effort.

  • Donations

One-time donations are also good sources of earning money. You can also proactively engage with viewers during live sessions to encourage more donations. You can shout out to donors to inspire others.

  • Get Sponsorship From Brands

Brands usually contact you if you become an influential gaming streamer. They will sponsor you to host ads, banners, and branded content. You can earn handsomely through brand endorsement.

Best Game Streaming Platform

  • Twitch Streaming Platform

If you are searching for the top streaming platform for your Gameplays, you have unquestionably come across Twitch at some point. Approximately 10 million gamers use Twitch TV, and every day all kinds of games will stream and watched. It’s a fun social platform, especially for gamers, which means you’ll only be broadcasting your videos to people with the same interests.

With each person watching more than an hour of video each day, there is nothing that can go wrong. With this streaming platform, you can interact in real-time with other people and share your passion.

  • Dailymotion Games

Dailymotion Games is one more video platform that allows gamers to create and watch videos in two ways, live and pre-recorded. In addition, users will be able to capture and find game content from all over the world and share their favorite content on social media. It is excellent news for gamers who want their videos to see as many citizens as possible. With over 3 million users each month, it’s easy to get a fast following and recommendations from other players.

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  • Hitbox

With 6 million active users each month, Hitbox has become a massive competitor to Twitch. In addition, they now use an HRML5 player, enabling higher quality videos for their users.

  • Instagram

Instagram is a free streaming platform service that uses advertisements to keep it that way. It allows you to register as a paid user, which will enable you to stand out more in the chat and removes advertisements. You’ll  prioritiz views when you sign up, so you won’t see any more warnings about video servers; plus, they’re adding a streaming platform that will stay on the site for 72 hours, up from the default 24 hours they currently have.

  • Azubu

Azubu has done its best to become the biggest and best online video streaming platform and offers many streaming options to its users. You can rewind, fast-forward and enjoy seamless streams. It is a platform that you should keep in mind since it is growing more and more every day and does not seem to stop.

Best Free Platforms for Live Streaming Platform

The first of these platforms is YouTube. But, when it comes to watching gaming videos, it is still the best platform.

  • Youtube

Before you start streaming platforms on YouTube, first make sure you haven’t received any restrictions on your account in the last 90 days. Next, you will need to enable live streaming by going into the “Creator Studio” and selecting “Live Steaming.”

You can create and stop the stream whenever you want, as you fully control it. You can even preview before you go live to ensure what your subscribers see is what you want to show. Additionally, you can edit the privacy of your broadcasts, allowing you to broadcast to all or just some of your visitors.

  • Facebook Live

Social media is a great way to showcase your live streams. First, it will know that one in five visitors watch live broadcasts regularly. Facebook live streaming has many benefits and could be the best streaming platform for many today. Because you have control over who can see your videos, you can directly target players on your friend’s list and block those who may not will interest from streaming.

You can also target your broadcast to specific geographic areas, which is excellent for those people who use the service for business purposes. All pages and profiles can use this utility and add groups and events, allowing you to reach beyond your friend’s list.

  • Funny or Die

We all like to laugh when we watch videos online, but what could be better than watching funny things as they happen? Funny or Die allows users to imprison funny and silly videos, all for the entertainment of their viewers. Viewers can follow your videos or find them using the built-in search system. If you make humorous videos, then Funny or Die might be the best streaming platform for you.

  • Crackle Streaming Platform

Crackle is another free online video streaming platform that allows users to stream full movies or short videos to entertain their viewers. It doesn’t have the high quality of the other platforms. And it has a lot of ads that will monetize to pay for the free services they provide.

There is a massive selection of movies from old to new. Which is why many people use this platform. However, the videos will only keep for a short time, so it’s not an ideal platform for people who watch part of a movie one day and want to come back later to watch it again.


streaming platform: On the other hand, it’s easy to use. Making it an excellent site for beginners; plus, it gives you the option to share your videos via SMS, social media, and email.

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