Adwords conversion – First, I’m amazed how many people use AdWords without conversion tracking. People contact me for AdWords advice, and the first thing I look at is if they’re tracking conversions in AdWords. Many are not.

AdWords Conversion Tracking 101: You Need to Do It

AdWords Conversion Tracking 101_ You Need to Do It

You can’t optimize anything if you don’t know which parts work and which don’t. It means you need granular tracking.

AdWords Conversion Tracking gives you precisely that.

  • Which keywords are generating a return and which are not?
  • What advertisements?
  • What locations?
  • Which ad groups and campaigns?
  • Researchers from which geographical areas?

If you can’t see results by segment, you won’t know what to save and what to throw away; what to spend more and what to spend less on; In short, you cannot improve your results. But, of course, you can guess, and that’s what a lot of the hype has been until recently. But that is not enough.

Why conversion metrics are essential – AdWords conversion

Your key performance indicators (KPIs) — that is, by what you judge, success and failure — should be conversion-related metrics. If you still consider cost per click (CPC) or click-through rate (CTR) as the foundation of your success, you are still in kindergarten. Or the 20th century. Or both.

Conversion tracking code: where to paste it

The conversion code must load into an HTML page after conversion, after the sale on the confirmation page, or after filling out a contact form on the thank your page. AdWords conversion tracking code is JavaScript that goes into HTML.

Ideally, you control the website and can put the code in yourself. It may be more difficult if you have to deal with third-party web designers or a third-party e-commerce system. Not all third-party systems have a convenient place to insert your tracking code.

If your conversion happens off-site, you need a system that allows you to specify a return URL (a place users return to on your site), and it needs to be a confirmation/thank you page that only appears when the person has converted. In other words, if your third-party system only directs people to your home page, you’ll need to insert the conversion code there, BUT that means anyone who clicks on your ads and goes to the home page will treat as a conversion. So that will give you false conversions. And you can’t act wisely on insufficient conversion data.

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Adwords Conversion 201 Tracking: Lead Generation and E-Commerce

Confusion over multiple conversion actions and cost per conversion

You can set up as many conversion tracking actions as you want. Still, you might not want more than one if you’re generating leads and care about the overall cost per conversion. For example, if your different tips have a radically different cost per conversion because AdWords reporting isn’t as sophisticated as its conversion tracking center. You can get reports on conversion types (sale, lead, etc.) but not on your action’s custom conversions. Therefore, you will only get the overall cost per conversion in your AdWords reports. You can search more precisely in the Conversion Tracking Center or limit the number of conversion tracking actions you use.

Also, if you track lead generation and sales in the same account when calculating the cost per conversion of your leads, can you be sure that the cost of clicks to tips could NOT have remained allocated? To sales and vice versa? In other words, is the pool of clicks you add for a lead generation cost completely isolated from clicks for sales? For example, is your website set up so the people you brought in for sales can’t become leads? Otherwise, it will be hard to know precisely what cost to split your number of tips.

Revenue Value Tracking

Use a variable to pass the total revenue in the conversion code for revenue-based campaigns. To get the conversion code that you can change for this. When creating a conversion in AdWords, you need to specify a false value, for example, “1” (see image below), or AdWords will skip both lines of crucial pieces of JavaScript you need to place your variable income there.


In our case, we are reprogramming the backend of our hotel and golf course reservation system to be more selective about the conversion code that dynamically places on the confirmation page. Therefore, custom programming is required to correct this deficiency in the AdWords conversion tracking system.

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